The website is progressing comfortably.

08 April 2019 | Tristen Even

The site has been published for approximately two weeks now. I’ve really enjoyed spending time searching the web for interesting features and layouts to incorporate, and ways of optimizing the site’s performance. The most notable changes are the successful implementation of the photo galleries laid out in my photography portfolio. The pages take advantage of a gallery script created by Olivier Pieters. The ‘tiling’ of the images makes their organization fairly simple while retaining an elegant layout. The first issue I ran into though is that all of my images are currently stored in the site data itself, and the pages are generated newly each time you click back and forth. This causes a very long loading time for the page itself and the images on the page. One step I made towards resolving this was updating the image format that the site used from standard jpg to Google’s webp. The webp format was developed with the intent for use in webpages, so the format is lightweight, but retains resolution even when compressed. This one step ended up reducing the size of my image directory by almost 60%, drastically improving load time. Moreover, I was able to purchase the domain rights for, so I am officially operating under my own domain. I migrated the site from GitHub-Pages to Netlify because GitHub doesn’t support https for custom domains (https is a web protocol that ensures traffic between users and sites is more safely exchanged).

Outside of the IoT, I purchased a new BMX bike. Alongside my hope of becoming an action sports photographer and videographer is the idea that I should at least be mildly good at the sports in which I want to involve myself. So I found a really good deal on Ebay Kleinanzeigen, the german equivalent of Craigslist, and have been taking that out to the skatepark for a few hours on the weekends. There is a massive skatepark in southeast Berlin called Mellowpark, where I accumulated a respectable amount of both bruises and skills. I’ll likely be spending more time there over the next few months, and attempting to document my progress. Until next time, remember: One of the hardest things to do as an individual is make onesself vulnerable in the face of others. Pride so often tells us that it would be better to give the perception of success at the cost of sanity or happiness than to reach out to someone for guidance. But one of the most definitive aspects of a leader is their willingness to admit when they are ignorant, and seek the wisdom of others that are better versed than they in order to better direct themselves and the team for whom they’re responsible. So even when you’d rather act as though you have the answers, even if you likely could get away with conjuring a low-effort response to a question you aren’t qualified to answer, even when you could scrape by with minimal effort and minimal damage to your social perception, even so, be the person who is willing to admit their shortcomings in hope that you and those around you are bettered from it.

My site is officially online.

25 March 2019 | Tristen Even

Hello, internet. This is the first post on my recently configured and published personal site. I had researched ways to create a personal site for a while, looking through different processes such as grinding out plain HTML and CSS files or doing almost none of the work myself through Gatsby templates. It often occurs that what is supposed to be preparatory research becomes me going down endless rabbit holes and never actually starting any work. So, in an effort to actually get something on the web (and something that I was partially to blame for creating) I chose to follow Jonathan McGlone’s guide to creating and hosting a site powered by Jekyll through GitHub. The page templates are interesting and make many of the elements modular, which greatly speeds up later page creation after the initial setup. The pages themselves are written in Markdown, something I haven’t used until now, but can see myself growing to enjoy; Markdown grants the opportunity to move away from massive HTML files that are awkward to understand and which can be difficult to write (a cheatsheet to the Markdown syntax can be found here). I based the site off a popular template called “Forty”, which has been adapted to many different frameworks. I look forward to continuously updating the site and its content. Until next time, remember: There are more aspects of life that you will not understand than those that you will. There are many days that you will question, cry, or resent; but among these you will also answer, laugh, and love. So even when all may seem unclear, even when you feel that no one may understand you, even when the idea of tomorrow is overwhelming, even so, march on.



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