Personal Site

This site itself have been a fun and interesting catalyst to my interest in web development. Currently built using the Jekyll static site generator, it has proved a useful playground for familiarizing myself with the concepts of JavaScript, Liquid, CSS3, and Web Optimization.

UT Dallas Rugby Site

Being an Engineering University, many of the UTD Rugby team members are engineers. This site is a sandbox of sorts for us to collaborate, try out ideas, and learn in a way that also benefits our team. This simple site currently uses a basic Open Source UI Kit for Bootstrap 4, React, Vue.js, React Native and Sketch.

MEAN Stack Webapp

This project creates a mock "Social Network" using the MEAN tech stack. I find the component architecture of Angular very intuitive, and really enjoyed using it. This was my first use of Node as well, which I also found enjoyable.



Current: +49 176 3696 2391
Alternate (currently disabled): 469-371-8598


Berlin, Germany